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Monastery of Panagia Elona

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Route: Athens - Monastery of Panagia ElonaRoute Map. The road route from Athens to the Monastery of Panagia Elona.The kilometrical distance and time needed.
Route: Tripoli - Monastery of Panagia ElonaRoute Map. The road route from Tripoli to the Monastery of Panagia Elona . The kilometrical distance and time needed.
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An enormous steep hill of Parnonas, red colored, completely inaccessible, of jaws shape... yes, this is the landscape that the visitor will be surprised with how people accomplished not only to reach this place but also to live there for many years
away from today!

It is said, from testimonies of 1873 and 1901 , that "Proskunitarion Elonas" and "History of Elonas", that residents of Kosma gazed at the bright image at the rock... The two anonymous monks climbed and... here is the todays miracle! It is about a "God-sended" picture, that depicts the Infant-holding Mother of God!

Until the Monastery, either you take the route from Leonidio or Kosma you will make the same distance- between 17 km. The visitor, without risking, you will meet the "balcony", that is an upper place between sky and earth! "Elona" is a location and nothing more. Her foundation time is about 1300 a.c!It is celebrating at 15th of August, 23th of August and 21st of November.

It is a word-famous monastery, crowded in every celebration, but also in other days too, from Arcadia and Lakonia but also Athens,Hydra,Spetses… Historically, the monastery, offered to the Fight money (1500 grosia), gathering all the
equipment for the war and also by hiding Greek warriors!As for Neofitos, during fighting with the Turks, he was killed in Argos! In 1972 transformed from men to women monastery and belongs to the Holy Monastery of Mantinia and Kynouria.

His fortune today, it is not the one that used to be, it was considered enormous! Holy objects, two silver holy books, two identical Holy Grails, three Crosses, land, oliveoil trees 1538 that gave 600 kilos by year, 700 sheeps, 30 cows, 20 horses...

The visitor reaches the entrance and ascends the paths, pass from the small corridor, and the second door and walks at the 100m corridor that has no other sameas from the left side there is chaos! The cells settlement is of three floor. Here, you meet the church of Agioi Pantes and Askitario.

Katholiko is 5,10 Χ 14,90 and has four entrances. His roof, is not visable as is full of candles! The temple made of wood is a mastepiece! His images are from 1798, 1806, 1815...
The image of Koimisi Theotokos is a donation of "Kamarinos and Nikolaos the son", the image of Prodromos the baptist donation of "Chatzi-Lamprinou from Smyrni", the image of Zoodoxos Pigi donation of "Nikodimos George Cretian"...The cases, with the several bones of Saints and also the remaining attracts the interest of the visitor.

At Othonas time, the monastery became the home of the monks of next-door small monasteries that were smashed back then.
Without exaggeration the Monastery of Elona is the one that fullfills even the most demanding person so, if someone has not visited yet, would be an opportunity to arrange it now...

Source: Perfecture of Arcadia

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