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Mani, earth from stone and sun, plain but immensely charming , with harsh mountain landscapes over bays that are stubbornly fighting against winds , with small settlements and towers unsurpassed folklore architecture, with countless Byzantine churches and cradles caves of existence and culture.

People uncompromising and frugal , with deep roots in customs, hardworking and hospitable. Mani . Proud and rebellious , historical and traditional , unique in every step of the lucky visitor, wondering how they manage and find soil in dry soil are prickly and small olive trees , which give but famous oil.

It descends from the Taygetus , on the west coast of the Messinian Gulf , east to the inlet of the Laconic Gulf and south in the large peninsula , the western peninsula of Laconia.

 Taygetos , which sweetens the neck between Gythion and Areopolis, stands again with Saggia name as the southern tip of the peninsula, at Cape Tenaro and creates South Mani , dividing both in East and West .

In East , South of Gythion , the slopes falling sharply in the Gulf of Laconia .n the West , south of Areopolis , Mani Mesa , forms straightening , low platform with limestone composition, drains water in Messinian Gulf mainly through underground karst formations and reaches the dry and barren steep sea .

Eroded in this way the west coast is full of caves . Among them , the famous Katafygi and Alepotrypa .


In Mani there are 98 traditional villages, out of 118 of Peloponnese.

Previously , administrative, constituted a single region perimvanontas and the Messinian Mani , when following the law , the northern part of West Mani ( Exo Mani ) which belonged to the province Itilo , annexed to the province of Kalamata in Messinia .

Wherever they went, they left , they kept , like the ones that were , habits and traditions. Those that accompany today's visitors to the towers of Mani and its dwelling towers , churches and castles , the coastal settlements deep in the bays and abandoned residential complexes in the mountainous interior . In the land of stone and sun, the simple but immensely charming.

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