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Mani, the unconquered

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Mani, earth from stone and sun, plain but immensely charming , with harsh mountain landscapes over bays that are stubbornly fighting against winds , with small settlements and towers unsurpassed folklore architecture, with countless Byzantine churches and cradles caves of existence and culture.

People uncompromising and frugal , with deep roots in customs, hardworking and hospitable. Mani . Proud and rebellious , historical and traditional , unique in every step of the lucky visitor, wondering how they manage and find soil in dry soil are prickly and small olive trees , which give but famous oil.

It descends from the Taygetus , on the west coast of the Messinian Gulf , east to the inlet of the Laconic Gulf and south in the large peninsula , the western peninsula of Laconia.

 Taygetos , which sweetens the neck between Gythion and Areopolis, stands again with Saggia name as the southern tip of the peninsula, at Cape Tenaro and creates South Mani , dividing both in East and West .

In East , South of Gythion , the slopes falling sharply in the Gulf of Laconia .n the West , south of Areopolis , Mani Mesa , forms straightening , low platform with limestone composition, drains water in Messinian Gulf mainly through underground karst formations and reaches the dry and barren steep sea .

Eroded in this way the west coast is full of caves . Among them , the famous Katafygi and Alepotrypa .


In Mani there are 98 traditional villages, out of 118 of Peloponnese.

Previously , administrative, constituted a single region perimvanontas and the Messinian Mani , when following the law , the northern part of West Mani ( Exo Mani ) which belonged to the province Itilo , annexed to the province of Kalamata in Messinia .

Wherever they went, they left , they kept , like the ones that were , habits and traditions. Those that accompany today's visitors to the towers of Mani and its dwelling towers , churches and castles , the coastal settlements deep in the bays and abandoned residential complexes in the mountainous interior . In the land of stone and sun, the simple but immensely charming.

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The name "Mani"

  • The name Mani, it is  said to have an origin from the Latin word Manus ( hand) by sailors who were passing by the Cape Tenaro and likened the project land with Brazzo di Maina.
  • Others argue that the sailors  gave the name, who were passing by the area and because of the mynah on the sails because of strong winds
  • Another version relates that the Romans regularly telling phrase In Manis, because here was the gate of Hades that the souls coming (Manes)..
  • The prevailing view however is that which refers to the construction of the castle built by Maini Maini ( architect ).
  • In a final version it is said to have an origin from the father of the gods "Mani", who is the father of Saturn and grandfather of Jupiter and refers to Hesiod Apollodorus as "Mani, the second name of the god Uranus".


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The access to the area is easy by car via the existing road network.
Regular schedule services are linking the capital of the prefecture to Thessaloniki, Athens, Kalamata, Patras, Tripoli and other major cities of the around prefectures.
The route Athens - Sparta takes about three hours, and Tripoli - Sparta 1 hour.
Kalamata to Sparta in 1.30 hours
Corinth to Sparta in 1.30 hours
For more information contact the KTEL bus of Laconia.

By ferryboat:
Ferry connection from Githeio to Kythira - Antikythira - Crete, from Neapoli to Kythira.

KTEL Bus of Laconia, tel: (+30) 27310.26.441
Port of Gytheio, tel: (+30) 27330.22.262
Port of Kythira, tel: (+30) 27360.34.222

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For your stay in Mani, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Mani, there are hotels and...

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