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Makrinitsa: a «balcony» to Pagasitikos Gulf

Nestled on the slopes of the "Mountain of the Centaurs”, Makrinitsa brags to be one of the most picturesque traditional villages of Pelion, with countless fans. Live in it a memorable weekend with good company and tsipouro next to the fireplace.

Imposing mansions and towers, cobbled streets, atmospheric hostels, fountains with crystal clear waters and panoramic views to Volos and Pagassitikos. Makrinitsa lies at an altitude of 630 meters amidst the chestnut trees and the slopes of Pelion and is offered for an interesting getaway this season. The fireplaces are lit and the first snow has whitened the mountain tops in Hania Ski Centre. The best time for a getaway closer to nature, closer to traditional beauty, with walks on the cobblestone paths, good food, fragrant wine or raki and, of course, a spoon sweet (the beloved chestnut).

All around us are carved in stone, wood and abundant art. Moreover, Makrinitsa is one of the five villages of Greece belonging to the cycle of "Greeks’ Communities”, characterized by impeccable preservation of authentic, traditional character.

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How to spend a good time
Strolling the cobblestone streets of Makrinitsa to discover its mansions, churches and the stone fountains.

  • Visiting the Museum of Folk Art
  • Going to the Monastery of Our Lady of Acute Visit
  • Tasting the traditional flavors and sweets!

What to eat:
Spetsofai, rooster cooked in wine, pork with clams, stew rabbit, pork with prunes or chestnuts, steaming bean soup, lamb in clay, meatballs with oregano, stuffed zucchini, wild mushrooms, kritama and tsitsiravla (grass species), all cooked with the special olive oil from the groves of Pelion.
You will also try the delicious spoon sweets (chestnut, apple, cherry, pear, sour cherry...)

What to buy:
Homemade sweets and jams, herbs, apples, handmade pasta, chestnuts, walnuts, tsitsiravla, olives and raki.


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