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Traditional events in Trikeri, Pelion

The largest activity, in terms of events in Trikeri, is presented during the week of Easter. From Easter Monday, Trikerians have a traditionally feast on the main square of the village, which is repeated throughout Easter week, culminating on Friday, on the occasion of the celebration of the Life Giving Source (local holiday), when, in the afternoon the custom impose to begin the dance by Trikerian women, dressed with the formal traditional costume of the village. Later, the party is generalized and is transferred to another square, till very late.

Other cases where one can see the memorable traditional women outfits of Trikeri, are:

  • On Palm Sunday morning in church, in the diocese of Trikeri, the church of Holy Trinity, come the newlyweds of the year to collect palms.
  • In the evening of the Resurrection, the engaged girls of the village wearing traditional costumes hold a large white candle, like the one we see in wedding ceremonies.
  • Every May Day takes place an event similar to this of Easter Friday with the girls from the village to dance wearing the same outfit and carrying flowers, with the difference that the dance begins from the fields and ends at the square. Until today, the traditional songs are preserved because of the day that is dedicated to spring, flowering, Trikerian women etc.
  • In Mayday also, Trikerian women make a wreath of flowers and they hang it on the door of the house with a pink or red ribbon, to dried.

It is very likely to see one of them during your browsing.

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In traditional weddings there is use of the costume by the closest relatives of the newlyweds. For the official traditional female costume we must say that this is one of the most beautiful and expensive costumes in Greece. For Trikeri, it is an alive cultural element that survives amid the tradition of the place.
It consists of gold embroidered fabrics (shirts, skirts, handkerchief, etc.) of different colors, silver or gold clasps (klidotaria), while the silk and the traditional jewelry are precious, as the quality of the suit previously was considered as a sample of prosperity.
It should be noted that there are less formal uniforms, but, in official celebrations, is mainly used the most formal. The origins of the costume are obviously insular.

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Other activities in the scenic community of Trikeri:

  • On Pentecost Sunday, the feast of the metropolitan church of Holy Trinity. Usually the events take place the eve day in the central square.
  • 6-7 July at Agia Kyriaki, large insular feast.
  • Insular feasts are taking place and in some weekends in the summer, either in the square or in Agia Kyriaki or at Trikeri island.
  • 9 -10 September, the local festival in the monastery on Trikeri Island. The celebration is local and gathers thousands of visitors every year.

We must not forget that the life in Trikeri follows the rhythms of an island, despite the fact that Trikeri is mainland. The road that connects it with the rest of Pelion opened and perfected in the early 90's, making Trikeri a new tourist destination. Until then, the connection of the village with the rest of the world was via the sea.

It is worth attending a local traditional wedding. The ceremony with the local customs starts in the morning and ends the next morning with plenty of dancing.

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