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Lazarata - Asproyerakata - Kavalos - Spanohori

A 4,820m walk taking 1 hour 30 minutes, graded 2 for difficulty. The route takes the walker around four villages in the western Sfakiotes district: Lazarata, Asproyerakata, Kavalos and Spanohori. Most of the walk is through the villages, allowing the visitor a view of the local people’s lives, a chance to visit the local churches, to photograph old fountains and buildings of historical importance to the area, and to enjoy the wonderful views from these mountain villages.

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00:00 We park in the public parking space of the municipality of Lazarata (GPS: N38 46 819, E20 40 139, Η=400m)  Access map. Lazarata - Asproyerakata - Kavalos - Spanohori Walk (Starting point), which we find as we enter from the town of Lefkada. A few metres farther on we come to the main, stone-paved square of the village, with the town hall on the far side. There are tavernas and cafés providing food and entertainment. At the junction we turn left onto an asphalt road. We pass a children’s recreation ground and continue past occasional low houses set in courtyards.
00:03 As we approach the turning on the left there is a little stone wayside shrine, dedicated to the Holy Fathers. We walk downhill and come to a second turning. Here we should pause to enjoy the view of Pinakohori, Pigadisanoi, Karya and its beautiful meadows, stretching before us from right to left. At this point we make a sharp turn to the right and follow the paved road at the beginning of which stands a shrine to the Holy Trinity. We are now walking upwards and at the end of the paved section of road we go up the cement steps leading to the asphalt road; we cross this and head to the left. After about 120m we take the paved road we come to on the left. The road continues to climb and the houses on each side are now becoming more frequent as we enter the centre of the village of Lazarata.
00:13 As we proceed we come across the remains of an old stone olive press, in the courtyard of which stands an almond tree. We carry on and come to an asphalt road in the Langadi area, which we follow as it leads off to the right. After another 80m we come off the main road and head up to the right along an asphalted stretch of road, finding ourselves after a while at the lowest point of the ‘stone steps’ (photo 1). We ascend these steps and then take the paved road to the right, which leads us
00:21 to the entrance of the Church of Agios Spyridon (GPS: N38 46 758, E20 39 905, Η=460m). The Church of Agios Spyridon, in Lazarata, was first built in the mid-18th century. It has a baroque icon screen in white and gold, with delicate Corinthian columns. The icon of the Archangel Michael, on the door of the prothesis, is probably by the notable painter V. Sideris, and has been dated to 1894. The lofty and imposing campanile, three stories high, is built in soft stone. The feast days are 10 and 11 August, celebrated with music and dancing. Following the wall to our right we turn right and take the dirt path leading downwards. The path is stepped and must be descended with care.
00:24 Enjoying the view of Lazarata, set in a lush, verdant landscape, we come to a junction of three roads. We take the cement road going upwards to the left and come to the Church of Agia Triada , the second cemetery of the village of Lazarata. We then return to the point where the
00:29 road ends (also the end of the path) and go down to the left along the cement road, which ends at an intersection with a paved road. At this point we head to the left and upwards, with old stone dwellings on our right. Coming to the end of the paved road we carry straight on, along the cement road, moving downhill and leaving a little road heading uphill behind us. We walk around the edge of the village and having reached a level
00:38 section of road continue along the asphalt road until we arrive at the Frya village square (GPS: N38 46 978, E20 39 397, Η=395m). Frya, between Kavalos and Asproyerakata, is home to a number of wells of remarkable craftsmanship,dating from the period 1478-1684. One of these, the famous well of Frya, provided water for all the villages in the district. Frya also boasts two centuries-old plane trees and these, together with the well, whose surround was recently reconstructed in line with the original plans, are the trademark features of the district. This is also the site of the Chapel of Agia Analypsi . From the triangular area of grass by the large plane tree there is a turning we must take to the right, leading to Agios Nikitas and Kathisma. At the same location there is also a wooden kiosk with a well and seats where the walker can rest for a while. To our right we pass the beautiful green meadow and the old olive press, and then on our right come to a steep cement road leading uphill, which we follow through cypress, oak and olive trees.
00:46 We ascend the asphalt road, bearing slightly to the left, following the houses of the village of Kavalos, and shortly we arrive at the stone Church of Agia Aikaterini, the gateway to which boasts a three-story campanile with a simantro at the top. In the grounds of the church there is a marble war memorial. We now take the paved road upwards into the centre of the village, and our walk continues past old stone houses, nestling close together, and cafés, until we come to the Church of Agios Nikolaos. The Church of Agios Nikolaos, in Kavalos, is one of the oldest in the region. It was first built in the 17th century and was painted, between 1876 and 1883, by Spyros Gazis. The icon screen, baroque in style and one of the most attractive in Lefkada, is the work of P. Prosalentis
00:50 Leaving the iron campanile of the church behind us, we come to a point where the paved road meets a turning to the left, leading to the Kontomiheio Folk Museum of the Municipality of Sfakiotes (GPS:N38 47 327, E20 39 479, Η=460m); we take this turning and carry on until we come to the entrance of the museum, well worth a visit for the exhibits inside and for the grounds with their pine trees.
01:07  We now return to the Agios Nikolaos Church and after another 50m we turn left on to the asphalt road and follow it until we get to the Kavalos cemetery. Here we carry on across the intersection, heading upwards through olive trees. We turn left at the next intersection. A little farther on, at the end of 
01:16 the road, we come to the Church of the Taxiarchs (GPS: N38 47 050, E20 40 167, Η=455m)  Access map. Lazarata - Asproyerakata - Kavalos - Spanohori Walk (Finishing point), with its imposing campanile. To our left we see a derelict windmill, while turning right we head to the village of Spanohori and enjoy the view of the Ionian. Once we reach the paved village square, we turn right, in front of the renovated building, and continue downhill for 20m until we come to some steps on our left, opposite the old olive press. Descending the steps we find ourselves among the stone
01:20 houses in the village centre; passing through them we come on our left to the paved road, which we follow down to the end. We now turn right and
01:30 follow the asphalt road, leading us to the end of our walk, in the main square of Lazarata.

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