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It is the result of the long preoccupation of Athanasios Koutroumpas with the collection of insects.
The museum is unique in Greece and one of the most organized of the Balkans. It is widely known in the scientific world that deals with this subject.
The collection is constantly enriched with new species. It now contains 35,000 different insects of various races, however, the most of them are Lepidoptera belonging to more than 10,000 species, subspecies and races and they are classified according to the international rules of the Statistical Entomology.
The exhibits come from many parts of Greece and Europe and from other continents, too. The species were gathered during the trips that Dr. Ath. Koutroumpas has occasionally made.

You will see the museum's exhibits categorized per continent, insect class, family, genus and species. Among them there are rare or unique specimens. One of them is Thysania Agrippina of South America, the largest butterfly in the world, with a wings opening of 37-40 cm
Address: Zachos and General Makriyannis Streets
Tel: (+030) 24210.48.556, 60.601

The visits made upon telephone appointment. The entrance is free, while the tour is made by Mr. Koutroumpas.

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