Kato Doliana in Arcadia

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Route: Athens - Kato Doliana ArcadiaRoute Map. The road route from Athens to Kato Doliana . The kilometrical distance and time needed.
Route: Tripoli - Kato Doliana ArcadiaRoute Map. The road route from Tripoli to Kato Doliana.The kilometrical distance and time needed.
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The residents of Ano Doliana not handle the heavy climate in the winter, harmful for their sheepherds and land, they decided to descent to warmer places, near Astros bulid their householdings, founding Kato Doliana, a traditional settlement, just 120 m above the surface of the sea and counting 800 and more residents in the winter and many more in the summer time even though a part of them return to Ano Doliana...

To reach Kato Doliana from Tripoli following the road to Astros and meet the traditional settlement at 38th km in the beginning of the countryside of Thirea and next to the river Tanos· for which Euripides makes a comment about him at his famous"Ilektra".

It is a magical area full of of olive trees, mainly, but also citrus trees that is the main activity of the residents, that is the production of oil and fodder products.

There, at Kato Doliana, is the ancient city of Eva and further, the famous mansion of "Herodus Atticus".
The monastery of Loukous is just before Kato Doliana in the road of Tripoli – Astros and celebrates the " Metamorphosis of Sotira". It is a monastery with ten nuns, a dreamy and miraculous, from every sense, place. Also marvelous are the fountain of Loukou, waterbridge and watermill...

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