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A walk on Kastos

A 4,500m walk, taking 1 hour and 27 minutes. We arrive in the harbour of the beautiful little island of Kastos, with its tiny population, and walk up to the top of the hill, where we find the old, derelict mill with the wooden roof. This is where our walk begins. Starting from the old mill and walking along a narrow country path, we come to the little beach of Vathia Vali, to the south. From here we return by another path to the centre of the only village on the island. The only access to the island is by boat from the coastal town of Mytika.

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Necessary equipment: the basic recommended items + towel and swimming costume
C J T: Net walking time

C J T Walking description
00:00 From the harbour (GPS: N38 34 037, E20 54 611, H=1m) we walk uphill to the right, along any of the narrow streets taking us up to the cement road that leads to the Sarakiniko harbour. Ascending the cement road we arrive beneath the old windmill, taking the old path to enjoy the sight of the mill and the beautiful view (GPS: N38 34 040, E20 54 355, H=50m).
00:07 Returning to the cement road we head south, moving away from the village.
00:11 We must now look carefully for the old country path to the left, which will lead us to our destination. It starts with a small, half-metre opening, within a group of small holm oaks.
00:12 Proceeding slowly and cautiously along the path and passing an old stone wall with a little wooden door in it, we come to a crossroads where we can go straight ahead on the flat or uphill to the right. We select the path to the left and after 75 metres come to a small, old, stone house.
00:13 We have now returned to the crossroads, from where we continue south on our second option.
00:15 We come to a clearing and on our right at the end of the slope we can see the little harbour of Sarakiniko, while 35m farther on we again pass the old wooden gate.
00:22 Moving uphill a little we come to a stone house, in habitable condition, which will serve as a reference point for the next part of our walk (GPS: N38 33 623, E20 54 254, H=35m).
00:27 Taking the small path to the right and leading uphill, after about 200m we come across an old threshing floor in a clearing with a fine view (GPS: N38 33 574, E20 54 122, H=60m).
00:32 Having returned to the crossroads with the stone house, we now continue straight on along our original course, leaving the house to our left and moving gently uphill to the little bay of Vathia Vali.
00:37 Walking up to the top of the slope we turn right and uphill at the little crossroads.
00:42 We are now at the top of the slope and below us we can see the little bay.Only now does the lapping of the waves on the sand disturb the absolute tranquility of the scene. We now descend carefully along the little path and approach the beach.
00:47 We have now arrived at the little beach of Vathia Vali (GPS: N38 33 333, E20 53 983, H=1m). This is the route taken by a fair number of tourists in summer, allowing them to end their walk with a cooling dip in the sea. It also serves as a mooring for luxury vessels. From here we walk back to our reference point, in front of the stone house.
01:12 Back at the crossroads, with the house behind us on our right, we now move downhill and to the right following the line of the coast and keeping the sea on our right hand.
01:17 To our right we come to a plot of land surrounded by a wire fence and after a few metres more we are on the country road.
01:22 The country road gives way to a cement-surfaced road and after continuing down it for a few metres we come to the little beach of Belakia. We continue along the cement road, now moving uphill.
01:25 We now come to a crossroads and take the right-hand turning down towards the village. After a few metres we come to the Church of Agios Ioannis, with the village cemetery. The feast day of Agios Ioannis is celebrated on 23 and 24 June each year, with traditional music and dancing creating the warm atmosphere of a folk celebration. Passing in front of the church we are now on a stone-paved road and can see the small but elegant community building.
01:27 We now arrive at the harbour square, currently undergoing construction work, with its stone pergolas (GPS: N38 34 037, E20 54 611, H=1m). From here we take the boat home.

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