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Karya - Epano Vryssi - Karoula

A walk of 1,290m, taking 42 minutes and graded 3,5 for difficulty. The path begins at the Karya village square, passes along paved streets, comes to Epano Vryssi and, ascending through a lush green forest, brings us finally to the area of Karoula. The walk offers remarkable views of the village and meadows of Karya, the village of Pigadisanoi, the Akarnanian mountains and the Sfakiotes villages.

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00:00 We start our walk at the fountain in the central square of Karya (GPS: Ν38 45 601, Ε20 38 894 H=500m)  Access map. Route Karya - Epano Vryssi - Karoula (Starting point). The main square of Karya is the scene of the annual re-creation of a village wedding, organized on the first weekend of August and lasting three days. The event re-creates in every detail all the customs and traditions associated with a village wedding, from the first day to the last. Also, at the end of July, there is the Riganada Festival, featuring traditional music, dancing and the local speciality, riganada, eaten with olives, salted sardines and garlic.
00:03 From the square we head up the stone-paved street to the right of the fountain, coming to the Church of Agia Paraskevi. This is one of the oldest churches in the village, built of stone in 1839. It holds a silver reliquary, kept on the altar, and containing the miracle-working remains of the Archbishop of Corinth, Makarios Notaras.
00:04 We carry on up the paved road, which passes the entrance to the church, and after 35 metres, on our right, come to the entrance of the Church of Agios Dimitrios. After another 25m the paved road ends and we continue upwards along a cement road.
00:09 Leading to a junction with an asphalt road. We cross over and after five metres turn left onto a narrow dirt path, between two fields. After walking for 40 metres we will see, on our left, the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin. The church was built in 1850. It is built to the basilica plan and features a carved wooden icon screen dating from 1854.
00:11 At the end of the path we turn right onto a cement road. We then ascend the narrow road to the cistern, at the rear of which is the Epano Vryssi, of the
00:16 village of Karya. To the right of the fountain is a stone house, behind which we find the beginning of the dirt path leading to the location known as Karoula (photo 1). The path leads uphill and passes through a pine forest. There used to be vineyards here and the path was used to carry home the grape harvest.
00:42 We have now arrived at Karoula (GPS Ν38 45 131, Ε20 39 002, H=730m)  Access map. Route Karya - Epano Vryssi - Karoula (Finishing point), where we come across a water tank used by firefighters and to water the flocks. There is a panoramic view over the meadows of Karya, Pigadisanoi, the Sfakiotes villages, the Akarnanian mountains, parts of Epirus, Skorpios, Madouri and Meganisi. This point marks the end of the asphalt road from Agios Konstantinos to Karoulas. The surrounding region is a refuge for various species of birds and other wildlife. We now return along the same route, or by car along the asphalt road.

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