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Kalamitsi - Panayia Kypon Chapel - Watermills

A walk of 2,460m taking 45 minutes and graded 5 for difficulty. This is a fairly demanding walk, especially the uphill return, and is best attempted only by experienced walkers in good physical condition. The view of the Ionian Sea, the little Panayia Kypon Chapel and the old watermills will reward the walker with some magical sights. The location is a little outside the village of Kalamitsi and to get to the starting point we need to go 2km in the direction of Porto Katsiki and take thedirt track going down to the right. The track isfour metres wide and we can park on it.

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Necessary equipment: the basic recommended items
C J T: Net walking time

C J T Walking description
00:00 Park your car and take the dirt track going down to the right (GPS: N38 44 329, E20 35 920, H=510m).  Kalamitsi - Panayia Kypon Chapel - Watermills
00:04 Keep moving along the dirt track, ignoring all the little paths on each side.Head downwards in the direction of the sea..
00:16 We come to a crossroads and take the right-hand turning towards the main dirt track.
00:22 Now another crossroads and we take the narrow path to the left, leading to a spring
00:23 Time to cool down with a drink of crystal-clear spring water. The women of Kalamitsi used to do their laundry here, while the windmills of the area used the same water for power.
00:24 We now return to the preceding crossroads and take the other turning this time along the country road.
00:30 When you arrive at the crossroads with three turnings, pause for a moment to enjoy the fine view of the Ionian Sea. The right-hand turning leads down to the shore. To the left there are two turnings: the farther left turning is an asphalt road leading to the chapel, while that to the right is a dirt track which leads to the old watermills. We take the asphalt road and from the chapel we proceed to the watermills, returning by the dirt track, the right hand turn at the fork, ending our walk at the location where we are now (GPS: N38 44 683, E20 35 607, H=335m).
00:35 After taking the asphalt road to the left, leading upwards, we come to the Panayia Kypon Chapel, also a good place for a rest (GPS: N38 44 593, E20 35 629, H=337m). We then take a little path in front of the chapel which leads us down to the dirt track, which started as the right-hand branch of the earlier fork in the road. Turning to the left we make our way down to the watermills.
00:40 We now reach the group of three derelict watermills (GPS: N38 44 534, E20 35 612, H=330m). After inspecting the mills we return back along the dirt track to the crossroads.
00:45 We reach the three-branched crossroads, where our walk comes to its end. The walker can carry on to the shore, but the return will be extremely difficult; he must bear in mind that getting back to the parking area even from here will require a considerable effort.

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