Folklore Museum of Eptalofos

The Folklore Museum of Eptalofos is located in the center of the village, close to the central square.

The visit to the museum gives to browser the opportunity to experience "from close" the manners and the customs of the area and the lifestyle of the past years. 

In this museum, the visitors can see utensils, tools of the rural and pastoral life, folk art and handicrafts, local costumes, embroidery, weaving, and collections of woodcutter, of shoemaker, of Cooper, of shepherd of barber, of horseshoe maker, of saddler, of ironworker, of tailor, the cafe and of grocer. 
They will see many pictures of old Agoriani and of the life, as it was back then, precious jewelry, old coins and paper money, guns, swords and knives.
They will see the costumes and the folk musical instruments of the musicians of that era (drum and flute) and the handmade flute of buzzard wings. 

The religious element is also obvious, so the visitor can see old pictures of the churches of Agoriani, the stole and the censer, belonged to the for fifty years priest. It would not be complete without the physical element, so there is a collection of 97 types of dried plants, all from Agoriani.

Source: Phocis Prefecture


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