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The Fine Arts Museum of Sculptor Nikolas, St. George’s Square

The Museum of Nikolas first opened, informally, in 1992. Three years earlier started its construction on the 2nd floor of the offices of the former community of Agios Georgios of Nilia, located next to the village square. Instigator and financier of the project was the famous for its rich artistic work, sculptor Nikolas (Pavlopoulos). Nikolas wanted, by offering this, to put his own stamp on the culture of the region.

In the museum is kept and is exposed to the public his most representative work. The museum was named "Demetrios Building" in honor of his father. The formal establishment of the museum was made in 1996.

After the integration of the Community of St. George of Nilia to Milies Municipality, according to the law about the forced combinations of Communities, the Museum of Nikolas renamed in 2000 from Communal to Municipal Museum of Sculptor Nikolas.
Apart from the artistic collection that hosts in its premises, the Museum of Nikolas has a remarkable contribution to the culture of St. George, organizing usually every summer and together with the other institutions of the village, cultural and artistic events of great quality. Since 1996, it has an uninterrupted version of the biannual cultural magazine "Vigla", which is distributed or sent free to St. George’s villagers and to people and institutions of literature and art.
The building, which houses the Museum of Nikolas, is of Pelian construction.

Tel: (+030) 24280.93.100
The Fine Arts Museum of Sculptor Nikolas is located in St. George’s Square.
To June the Museum is open daily from 10.00 to 17.00.
From July 1, you can visit it in the morning and afternoon, 10.00-14.00 and 18.30-21.30.
The entrance is free of charge.

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