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Euboea lake: sea gentility!

The power of water and the mountain cool breath couple with a thousand ways in the paths of North Euboea.
Mountain or sea? Land or island? None can be sure which one is outweigh. But it has no difference. Just, this beauty takes you in another galaxy that provides endless banquets for your five senses.
Your trip to Euboea lake will be a great experience that you will wish will never end...

Between two seas, peaceful Euboean gulf and restless Aegean, Euboea is an island with many faces...
Once you are thinking that you are on an island, at the same time you feel that you are in the heart of the most leafy mountain. Easily you can slip from the forests and mountains to the most magical beach and enjoy lunch drinking ouzo close to the sea ! This is her secret charm!

Near Athens, Euboea consists the  ideal proposal of a getaway for the weekend, in peaceful and relaxing paces, with walks at forests, but also close to the waves, enjoying a little bit of a mountain view, a sea view and your company for sure.
Our destination, Euboea lake, special navy residence, that keeps her color and tradition, living the today with joy and taste for creative matters. Octapuses are grilling and wait for us to enjoy them, not only in the summer but in the autumn too, even in the heart of the winter! Why not?

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To reach our destination we go by car until Chalkida and from there to N. Euboea. A route, with many strolls, but also so magical that rewards us.
In Psahna area we forget about the sea and ascend towards leafy hillsides. Car is moving between trees that get more and more as we get closer to Agios and Prokopi. Now in our company we have river Kirea, that flows his calm water between high trees that their leaves swim in its waters, laying a colorful carpet with thei leaves. Here, normally, it is our first stop to light candle at the famous Monastery of Agios Ioannis Rosos.
The ancient relic were brought here at 1924 by the refuges of Prokopi of M. Asia with the population exchange. The monastery celebrates at 27 of May and horns of people are coming to worship. At Prokopi we also find  the Great Platanos (it is said that is the biggest in age, wide, tree of Balkania).

We continue until Mantoudi and Strofilia. At this point we reach to a junction, we turn left towards the Lake.

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For your stay in Euboea, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Chalkida as well as in m...

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