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Episkopi - Kalamos

A walk of 8,280m, taking 1 hour and 55 minutes and graded 1 for difficulty. This is a fine walk linking two of the island’s harbours, Episkopi and Kalamos, which gives the walker the chance to experience all the rich verdure of the Kalamos pine forest.

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Necessary equipment: the basic recommended items + towel and swimming costume
C J T: Net walking time

C J T  
00:00 Setting off from the harbour of Episkopi, on the northern shore of the island of Kalamos (GPS: N38 38 917, E20 55 689, H=1m)  Access Map.Episkopi - Kalamos (Start), we ascend the asphalt
00:03 road and after a while come on our right hand to the Church of Agios Georgios. We continue our ascent, leaving behind us the last houses of the village of Episkopi, and come to the verdant pine forest of Kalamos, with its
00:14 rare flora, dense and hospitable, providing homes to many species of birds.
00:28 We then enter the village of Kastro and 100m from the first houses we come, on our left to the Church of Agios Nikolaos, dating from 1470 (GPS: N38 39 055, E20 56 558 H=65m). The Kastro, or Castle, of Kalamos is also known as Kastromonastiro because it was once the site of a monastery with remarkable paintings, all destroyed when the monastery was abandoned. Only some sections of the lofty stone walls of the castle now remain, with the fine arches on the interior serving as firing points on the external walls. It is said that the mother of Karaiskakis, the famous fighter in the Greek War of Independence, is buried here.
00:38 As we proceed through the pine forest we come to the first turning in the road, leading off left to the Church of Agios Konstantinos. We proceed straight on through the forest where after a while on our left we come to a clearing with a wonderful view. Kastos can be seen, as well as the other islands
01:14 of the Echinadae group, the coastline of Akarnania, the harbour and part of the village of Kalamos.Kalamos, which Homer called Karnos, was the second largest island, after Ithaca, in the Echinadae group.
01:29 We continue on our way, leaving behind the dense pine forest. The landscape now features olive groves. Eventually we come to an intersection where
01:34 a country road leads to Myrtia beach. We ignore this and pass on to an intersection (GPS: N38 37 722, E20 56 107, H=55m) where an asphalt road
01:36 to the right leads around the village of Kalamos. We ignore this turning too and continue on till we see the first stone houses of the village, some of
01:46 them abandoned. When we are inside the village we stay on the asphalt road without deviating until we come to an intersection. The turning to the right is
01:51 made of non-slip tiles, but we turn down to the left on the paved road leading to the community offices and rural surgery of the island. Here we can rest with a cooling drink in one of the cafés, or even sit down for an excellent meal. If we choose to carry on, we cross the road and continue downhill, along the asphalt stretch of road, where after 50m we take the turn to the right in the  direction of the Church of Agia Triada. The Church of Agia Triada is famous for its superb decoration. The carved wooden screen, the episcopal throne, the exquisite altar and icons by S. Gazis all make the church a remarkable example of ecclesiastical art, well worth a visit. As we continue downhill the road brings us to the harbour of Kalamos
01:55   where we can pause again at one of the tavernas (GPS: N38 37 297, E20 55 869, H=1m)  Access Map.Episkopi - Kalamos (End).

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