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Easter destinations outside the city

Spiritual feeling, return to roots, connection to the nature, great Easter sweets - "magiritsa", lamp and red eggs are only some of them-  as the unique local customs and traditions build the image of the most spiritual and happy period of the year.

In every part of the country, believers welcome the Easter with particular respect and  deep emotion.

 There are also some areas that stands out for the uniqueness of their local customs, which are completely established in our minds as particularly famous Easter destinations. So lets meet the traditions of some of them...

In every part of the country, believers welcome the Easter period with special caring and deep moving.

There are, also, some areas that stands out of their specialty of their local traditions, having established completely in our conscious famous Easter destinations.

Traditional Hydra is magical in Easter! At Great Friday night epitaph goes in the sea, at Kaminia, whereas  at Great Saturday, in resurrection time, the port is lightening with fireworks making an amazing scenery.

Spetses, flourished with thousands of wildflowers, is a great option for Easter is a good option for Easter getaway. At churches the solemn functions and the procession of the Epitaph in the streets of the island or by the sea is an unforgettable experience. The rides with hackney carriages, or by bicycle on the coastal road from Dapia to the old port  with its shipyards and taverns will relax and rejuvenate you in a few days. Keep only in mind to reserve a table on time for mageiritsa in the evening of Holy Saturday...

A breath away from Pireus port is the beautiful Aegina  which fills these days with lots of fans. The walk at harbour's beach with the boats, sailing boats, fishing boats will relive you.

Do not miss to discover the traditional neighboorhoods with the old houses that reminds her rising times... Here you will find the Enetical tower of Markelos, that hosts events and exhibition at summer time.
At Easter time we celebrate at the numerous churhes and monasteries in the island and the extraordinary resurrection at the port of the island.
An old custom that relives at Easter Monday is the " Dancing of Lampri", that happens in the morning, between 10-12, at Palaiochora, infront of the church of Holy Cross, with music of traditional instruments and lots of dancing...

Find little time for a tour at the most significant sightseeing of the island (Afaias temple, Kolonas archaeological site and archaeological museum, Palaiochora, Agios Nektarios church, the house of Kazantzakis Kapralos museum...). At Agia Marina you will dive for your first swim and at the traditional harbour of Perdika you will enjoy fresh fish and seafood.

Poros is a great choice to getaway from Athens at Easter time with the traditional Chora and the characteristic Clock  at the top of the hill, the beautiful beach with the fish-taverns and ouzo-taverns, the significant monastery of Zoodoxo Pigi and the archaeological site where we find the temple of Poseidon, at Palatia, at 190 m. altitude and near the ancient city of Kalavria. Rent a bike and discover the island's beauties… like "the port of Love"  and Russian dockyard.

You can also make a one day tour at Salamina, to discover the green side of the island, the significant monasteries of  (Agios Nikolaos Lemonion monastery,  Faneromenis monastery etc.), the traditional little-ports for seafood and ouzo, the house of Aggelos Sikelianos, but also the horsing club of Salamina for horseriding and coffee with unlimided view from mountain until sea (after the monastery of Agios Nikolaos).

You will live the most distant getaway with an atmospheric Easter at Leonidio Kinourias, in Peloponnisos.  Services at village churches and at Elonas monastery (at the road with destination to Kosmas village) and epitaph with bands at Leonidio streets with gatherings of all epitaphs at the central square. At the night, at ouzo taverns of the traditional port of Plaka will enjoy fresh seafood next to the sea....

Though, the thing that makes Easter in Leonidio special is the resurrection with the colorful hot-air balloons that rise in the sky and light the night, an old custom, unique in Greece, that remains until our days.
Sunday of Easter, the celebration with red eggs, lamps in spit and unlimited wine at the yard of Town hall, an offer of Leonidio municipality.
At Sundays evening everyone is meeting at the central square to hear the Gospel at Tsakonika (local dialect), tsakonic traditional dance from the local groups and  hot-air balloons flying...
An unique opportunity to celebrate with traditional songs and dance!

You will live traditional Easter from Roumeli if you visit Amfiklia these days. Like in the past times, until now the tradition still lives. Here the lamps are spitting together with all the neighborhood. Walking in Amfiklias neighborhoods, you can see baking 10-15 lamps in the row.
Before baking ends we scream all together "Christos Anesti" and afterwards each of them go back to their houses to celebrate with family and friends.

Unforgettable traditional Easter you will live in Tripoli, where the city is transformed to a great company in order to celebrate together these days.  At Holy Friday all the epitaphs meet infront of the extraordinary Metropolitan Temple of Great Vasilios.

At Holy Saturday night we will watch an amazing resurrection with many fireworks. Surely the ultimate experience is the Easter Sunday, with the baking of many lamps for all the residents, plenty of wine that existing in the whole area, from Agios Vasilieios square until Pedio Areos square.  The feast is completing with traditional dances and songs, that makes Easter in Tripoli an unforgettable experience!


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