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Delphi, the center of the earth

Delphi with population of 1500 residents is one of the most important and world famous places of Greece with a great historical importance, as it has connected to the most important facts of the history and is one of the most famous destinations of foreign tourists in Greece from all over the world.
It has characterized as a place of cultural heritage from Unesco as one of the " Holy places" of the world.
There are on the borders of the National Park of Parnassus with the city build on the southwest hill of Parnassus with altitude of 550 m. and consists of one of the most organized hospitality centers, in the Greek area.

It is a cultural center of events and world center of nature, sport and relaxation worship, in the distance of 15 minutes from the sea and 30 minutes from the ski center of Parnassus, one of the biggest and most organised ski centers in Greece.
The traditional residential areas that consists of the municipality have a great and rich architectonic interest and one of the most historical centers of olive trees in the world  (Chrisso) with the greatest and continuous olive trees horde in Greece.

Nowadays the city of Delphi has developed after the transfer of Kastri that was on top of the archaeological site.
The transfer of the village took place at 1893, after the disaster caused by the earthquake and the residents agreed to make excavations that bgought to the surface the important archaeological site.
It has a widely cultural interest with a city giving a magic view and the area that has characterised as a place of truly positive energy.
Consists of a satisfied complex of ancient and modern paths that give the opportunity of happy and enjoying routes to the visitors of every age.
The nice climate and the easy access from all the important city centers of Greece is one of the basic advantages.

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In the city we meet the European Cultural Center of Delphi, with the goal of the reliving Delphi as an european and international cultural center, the house of Aggelos and Eva Sikelianoy that has transformed to a museum of Delphi celebrations.

The visitor of Delphi can admire many cultural and architectural monuments starting from northwest with one of the best conserved of anciensty, of romaic years that takes place in Pithia, games that used to take place every four year.
Southeast the holy place, which is surrounded by wall and has besides others, the temple of Apollo, the theater of 5000 seats, and also a great team of treasures.

From most important is the treasure of Sifnioi, specifically for the marble that is located on the Archaeological museum of Delphi with the magnificent and unique bronze statue of Iniochos, Sfiga of Naxos and two Kouroi. 

More specific, at the point that the two rocks of Faidriadon meet we find the famous Kastalia Pigi,  while above the road Gymnasio and further down the temple of Pronea Athina, inside it there is a circled structure in doric style which is a true masterpiece.

You should also visit Arachova that is 10 km far and also the beautiful and magnificent Galaxidi.


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