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Cretan Vegetables and Aromatic Herbs

Vegetables. Crete is favored by nature..
A key feature of the Cretan diet is also the high consumption of vegetables and foods of plant origin. Cretans eat more vegetables and herbs than the western world, having another secret of good health, because this way, they get fibers, vitamins and nutrients necessary to humans.

The vegetables help in the smooth functioning of the digestive system and provide vitamins necessary for the metabolism of various tissues such as B12 for blood production. Many of the vegetables, consumed in large quantities in Crete, contain essential polyunsaturated fat acids that help to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
The tomato in Crete is not produced with hormones nor aged in artificial conditions and thus contains large amounts of antioxidants.

The agricultural products of Crete, cucumbers, zucchini and other vegetables are produced in the fertile plains of the island, where it never snows and the temperatures permit to a group of friends to have lunch in the countryside even in the heart of winter. The growing conditions of the products are almost perfect, at beaches in the south the swallows never leave because they do not need to migrate.
The early vegetables are grown on Crete in extended greenhouse areas in Ierapetra, Messara, south of Rethymnon, in the coastal areas of Selino, of Kissamos and other areas.

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Aromatic Herbs. Crete has a tradition..
In Crete, the herbs are still an important tradition. The island is full of varieties of plants that are native, like malotyra and diktamos, known since antiquity for its antiseptic properties. Hippocrates recommended it as "oviparous", an herb that helped women to give birth painlessly and quickly.
The Cretan herbs’ collectors offer to market today many herbs such as oregano, basil, linden, marjoram, thyme, mint, rosemary, bay, chamomile, sage and many others.
These amazing herbs grow on the steep mountains of the island and are collected by experienced men in order to dry out and finally to end up in modern packaging facilities, with no chemical or other treatment.
Modern units pack and take care to maintain their scent and the other amazing skills, among them the antioxidant effect they have when consumed.

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