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Cretan Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle that gives longevity and good health.
It is internationally known that the Cretan diet is the best example of Mediterranean diet. The modern nutrition found that the locals have smaller mortality rates worldwide from cardiovascular disease and cancer and sought the diet that gives to Cretans these great health benefits.

The story of the Cretan diet starts from the very old years and, from archaeological findings, it seems that ancient Cretans and the Minoans consumed almost the same products they consume today. In particular, in the Minoan palaces, there were large jars used to store olive oil, grain, legumes and honey.

The rural population continues to exploit nature and its products, which form the basis of the famous traditional Cretan cuisine. In recent years, the organic farming is been developed due to favorable climatic conditions.

The secret of good health and longevity is simple for the Cretans who eat what they produce at their rich land. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes, cheese and bread. They give flavor using marvelous herbs, prepare sweets with honey and molasses and accompany their meal with good Cretan wine.

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Faced with fast food
The Cretans want to deliver to humanity the secret of life they keep in their hands with their diet, trying to maintain their traditional eating habits of the past, despite the efforts made by promotion centers for other dietary patterns, especially the fast food. The producers and the Cretan companies of processing, of packaging and of promotion, assure that the Cretan products remain pure.

"Cretan tradition.. Bread, wine and olive oil"...
In Crete, American dietitians examined the phenomenon of longevity of the Cretans and did not believe in their eyes! " Oh, my God, how much olive oil they consume…"
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Vegetables and aromatic herbs
In Crete, the herbs are still an important tradition. The island is full of varieties of plants that are native, like malotyra and diktamos, known since antiquity for its antiseptic properties...
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Fruits, Honey and Raisin - Nuts
A significant difference in the Cretan diet from the other Mediterranean regions is the fruit consumption! The Cretans eat six times more fruits than the average resident of the other Mediterranean regions, and six times more than the residents of a northern country...
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Cretan cheese
The Cretans consume the most cheese in the world enjoying remarkable flavors such as Gruyere, Parmesan, sweet and sour cheese and other dairy products...
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