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Cretan Fruits, Honey and Raisin - Nuts..

A significant difference in the Cretan diet from the other Mediterranean regions is the fruit consumption! The Cretans eat six times more fruits than the average resident of the other Mediterranean regions, and six times more than the residents of a northern country (eg Netherlands).

The European travelers, who were arrived in Crete in the 19th century, praised the oranges of the island.
The mythology tells us that citrus was the gift given by Gaia (Earth), to the marriage of the father of gods, Zeus and Hera. This gift, which was held, according to mythology, in the garden of Hesperides, away from people, is cultivated now in a large area of Chania.

Smaller crops are situated in Messara, Fodele of Heraklion and Mylopotamos.
It was the main winter fruit, the fruit that was always present in any Cretan house. The same recipe that the doctors recommend today: The orange should not be absent from our table, the natural orange juice should not be absent from our lives, the fruits should not ever play a secondary role in our diet: They are rich sources of vitamin C (especially the orange), vitamin B12 (essential for the production of blood), and vitamins, which have antioxidant effects, i.e. anti-cancer and protective for heart disease, (A, C and E).
The preferred summer fruit of Crete, the grape, is now considered as ideal for a balanced diet. It is delicious and the crust contains anticancer substances. 

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Raisin - Nuts
In Crete, raisin is a secret of health for the Cretans for the vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, etc.)
The nuts are also a favorite flavor for the Cretans. Rich sources of linoleic acid, essential for the functioning of all cells, a true shield for the smooth functioning of the heart. The Cretan Nuts come from trees that usually fructify alone without cultivation! Walnuts, chestnuts and almond trees are not systematically cultivated but they are natural cultivated for centuries on the island.

Honey. A loving relationship of Cretans and Bees..
The honey, this excellent sweetener, consists of various sugars glucose that enable it to be used even in cases of diabetes. It is a food rich in vitamins and antioxidant substances against cancer. The main vitamin (E) along with other substances can remove from the body the harmful products coming from either the metabolism itself or by external factors such as smoking, radiation and various carcinogens.

The Cretan honey is completely natural and is produced in areas with endemic vegetation. As it is known today, the bio-system of the island is rich in wild plants and herbs, which offer to Cretan bees their favorite food. Thousands of shrubs smell delicious, some of which grow only in Crete. These bee-keepers not have to feed bees with sugar, because there are not dead times or periods that the natural vegetation is covered with snow. Since the prehistoric times until today, Crete continuously produces honey, which is the most aromatic in the world.

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