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Church of Agios Spyridon in Lazarata - Pinakohori - village of Frya

A 1,440 walk taking 23 minutes, graded 1 for difficulty. This is a simple, undemanding walk, mostly downhill. On the Lefkada-Karya road, we come to the village of Pinakohori. There is a complex of villages located very close to one another; we will start at the Chapel of Agios Spyridon in the village of Lazarata and then talk a fine walk through dense vegetation, ending in the square of the village of Frya.

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C J T Walking description
00:00 After exploring the paved grounds of the Church of Agios Spyridon (GPS: N38 46 758, E20 39 905, Η=460m)  Access map. Church of Agios Spyridon in Lazarata - Pinakohori - village of Frya Walk (Starting point) we continue along the asphalt road. With olive groves to both sides, we walk on until we come to the Church of Agioi Apostoloi . The church has recently been renovated and still has the very fine marble decorative cornices on its external apertures. Bearing gently to the right and walking on for about 200m we come to the Church of Agios Dionysios, at the entrance to which stands a fine threestory campanile.
00:03 We carry on towards the centre of the village, following the asphalt road before us..
00:05 Passing through the village fields we come to a crossroads; taking the asphalt road leading downhill to the left we continue towards the centre of the village.
00:07 Gradually approaching the village and leaving behind us the first house to the right, we come to a crossroads where we have two choices. The road heading downhill to the left comes, after 50 metres, to the central village square. The
road going up to the right, through the neighborhood known as Kontrata comes to a cement path which takes us to our destination.
00:09 Ascending through the village we come to the crucial crossroads, where we must take care to choose the road heading gently uphill to the left. Walking on for 30m we come to the Kontrata area of Pinakohori – as a signpost confirms. The village of Pinakohori, and specifically the Church of John the Baptist, is the setting for a custom known as the Lamparda. This involves lighting fires and, if you are bold enough, leaping over them – all performed to the sound of music and in a festive atmosphere. We now carry on, ignoring all turnings to the left and bearing consistently to the right
00:11 We are now at the beginning of a dirt track leading downhill; from this point on the walk is all downhill and not at all tiring. After 30 metres a cemented section of road begins, and we continue along it to the village of Frya (photo 2).
00:18 Our pleasant walk continues through pine trees, with the village of Lazarata appearing behind us, behind the verdant hill, while after a while the village of Frya appears before us.
00:20 On our right we come to the first house of the village. We ignore the road heading uphill to the left and keep going down and to the right.
00:21 With the village below us to the right, we come to a fork, where we again stay to the right, continuing downwards.
00:23 We note the small, low stone houses, while before us appears the stone church on the square, in the centre of the village. The stone-paved square is dominated by the great plane tree by the provincial road that passes through the village of Frya. In short – an easy walk, with plenty to see and lots of fresh air.
(GPS: N38 46 978, E20 39 397, Η=395m)  Access map. Church of Agios Spyridon in Lazarata - Pinakohori - village of Frya Walk (Finishing point)

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