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Chrisso Fokida

Chrisso is located on the municipality of Delphi, that took its name from the ancient city of Krisa, which was built- according to Omiros- the 14th or 15th century.

Ruins of the walls of ancient Krisa that was destroyed by Amfiktiones at the first holy war, at 590 b.c, are saved up in the hill of Stefani, southern from the today region.
Filled with olive trees, Kriseo Pedio, is close to the sea of Itea.

Today is  characterized as a traditional residence with houses that are circled by wonderful gardens. It has two traditional squares that are filled with eternal trees, with traditional taverns.

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In 7 kilometers northwest of Chrisso, we find the monastery of Profitis Ilias build in an amazing location on the altitude of 400 m. above the great olive grove of Amfissa, with view to Korinthian gulf, Galaxidi, until the mountains of Peloponnese.
The monastery is particularly famous as during the Greek revolution of 1821 was the shelter of many soldiers of East Sterea Ellada, until the August of 1825, that the Turks had ruined the old temple that was rised again in the same position at 1834. 

At February of 1843 was destroyed by the Italians and rebuilt temporarily from 1961 and later.
The latest years was transformed from men to women monastery and has been many works of conservation of the monastery. The visitor can mainly admire the beautiful wooden temple with presentations from Old and New Testament but also its priceless library, with longhands and letters from revolutions period.


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