Chania, the amazing town

Chania is for years a unique holiday destination renowned for its beautiful locations and the hospitable inhabitants.

If we begin a small reference to the city, we will certainly describe it with the stronger colours. It maintains the old traditional elements and taking a short stroll we will find whole Venetian neighbourhoods that are preserved by the time and well-preserved old buildings that are completely aligned next to each other.
The Old Town is a real gem and has many shops, cafes and taverns, which are matched perfectly with a romantic walk in the afternoon during the summer time.

At the Old Port you will see from small fishing boats to luxury yachts, and especially water taxis, which organize small tours. Enjoy your coffee overlooking the famous Lighthouse and then have a traditional snack in one of the taverns.

Stuff yourselves with the pies of "Iordanis" in Chania!!

For the "loyal" visitors of Chania, Iordanis's pie shop, or as the locals call it 'bougatsa', is a landmark of the city and will make your mouths water. Those who have not tried it, rush!
The filling is made from traditional pychtogalo (a type of local milk) and wrapped in a handmade pastry.
"Iordanis" has been feeding locals and travelers since 1924, and was even visited by guests of the Athens Olympic Games' Village in 2004.
Today, there are four stores in Chania, run by the Akasiadi family, who even after four generations retain the same quality and perfection as their ancestors.
Be sure to order two pies because one is never enough!!

By Elvira Drakaki in "We go to Greece" 

In the city of Chania you will find many well-maintained squares, which are contributing to the aesthetics of the city. If you have an appointment, make it at the Eleftherios Venizelos Square (Fountain), or at the 1821 square in the Old City.
In 1964, the city of Chania was declared as a historical monument.

In the labyrinthine cobbled streets you will find traditional houses with large wooden doors and elegant taverns, which filled the air with wonderful smells of food and traditional raki. The food is usually accompanied with local wine, which is very delicious.

If, during your trip, you want to feel integrated by the Haniotician element, try lamb, Hania pie, dako from barley flour and ksinomyzithra, screw snails, rice from beef broth (known as "gamopilafo", which is served in weddings), kalitsounia with fennel, cheese and many other delicious dishes you will be suggested by the specialists and all these are made with the finest materials and a delicious olive oil.
Do not forget, of course, to drink a glass of raki to complete your gastronomic ritual.

If the focus of your vacation is swimming, you're in the right place. Chania Prefecture, and the whole of Crete, has a range of beautiful beaches for all tastes. West of Chania at about 59 km from the city, you will find Falasarna. As it has beautifully clear waters, fine sand and a length of up to 3 km, Falasarna is ideal for swimming and sports at the sea. The beach has umbrellas and sun beds and if you decide to stay until late afternoon you will be rewarded with a magnificent sunset due to the ideal geographical location of the region.

Some other beaches are reminiscent of exotic places of abroad, so if you do not have the ability and the opportunity to travel there, you can visit Elafonisi. It is located 76 km from Hania and you can go there by car or by boat from Paleochora. The beach is a vast sandy area with clear water. Opposite the beach there is a small island of white sand where you can go by walking across the sea or by swimming. The water is shallow and the children can play and swim without fear while you enjoy a coffee or juice.

Another site that enchants the visitor is Gramvousa, a cape northwest of Chania with amazing colours. In Gramvousa you will find the unique beauty of the beach of Balos. It is a shallow lagoon with turquoise waters, white sand and pink granules.
It is an earthly paradise that worth a visit. Before you visit Gramvousa, you must take necessarily a sun cream of high protection, a hat and an umbrella if you want, as the area has no shady places. The ideal mean for your access there is to arrive by boat from Kastelli because there is no currently paved and smooth road.

For your stay in Chania, you can book a room in one of the hotels or bed and breakfast inns.
In Chania town, as well as in many other areas of Chania County, there are hotels and various accommodation categories and types (rooms to let, residences, bed and breakfast inns, studios, rentals, hostels, guesthouses, and furnished apartments) that can satisfy every visitor's wants and needs for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
You will find wonderful hotels, rooms and apartments to let of all categories and price ranges.
Below you will find a list with hotels and lodgings to stay in the area as well as on our webpage under the selected accommodation’s 'offers and deals'. You will also find hotel and lodging price lists, as well as various choices of deals for low-cost holidays and offers for low-cost holidays.


As for nightlife and entertainment in Chania town and Chania county, you'll find various choices of traditional and modern restaurants, local taverns, cafes, clubs, bars, beach-bars and other activities. The high level of service and variety of goods will pay off, whatever choice you make.
Chania has dozens of dining places some simple and traditional, others high-end and luxurious.


Moving around in Chania is easy and convenient by car, via the existing road network.
The best way to explore Chania is to have your own transportation as it is worthwhile visiting places that the local transportation and tours do not reach.
Chania is the ideal place to visit by your own boat, small or big.
It has many points where you can anchor with safety and an amazing view.
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