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Ceramic Pottery Museum "Anetopoulos"

It is located one kilometer outside Ano Lehonia, on the way to Kala Nera. It was established by Vasilios Anetopoulos family, which has its roots, since 1790, in Apiranthos or Lipsano of Naxos, where they had a pottery workshop.

Vangelis Anetopoulos, one of his grandsons, for many years is gathering data for Pottery, for those who have served and are still serving it.
It gathers also ceramics from all over Greece, starting from a large collection of neoclassical ceramic molds with which his grandfather was working, around 1900.

The objects are placed in the three rooms that have formed in the area of the laboratory.
It is supported by the Prefecture, the Chamber of Magnesia and the Greek Ceramists Pottery. In 2001 took place the first exhibition, entitled "Modern Greek ceramicists” and the second in 2002. Occasionally it hosts important and valuable exhibitions.

The Museum is daily open. It has educational programs and organizes exhibitions of ceramics. The visits are made daily, by appointment. Admission is free.
Tel: (+030) 24280.93.042

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