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Vlychada Diroy Mani Cave, a magical trip...

How to go

You can reach the cave by Sparta passing from Gythio and Kalamata passing through Itilo. The distance from Athens is about 300 km. It is totally worth visiting since both the beauty of Mani, and the magic of the cave will reward you!

Route: Athens - Diroy Cave map routeThe road route from Athens to Diros Cave. The kilometrical distance and time needed
Route: Sparta -  Diroy Cave map routeThe road route from Sparta to Diros Cave. The kilometrical distance and time needed
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Journey to the magic of nature

One of the most beautiful caves in the world is located on the west coast of the Laconic Peninsula in the bay of Diros. Beneath the austere landscape of Mani nature with incomparable art and patience, carved a miracle beyond imagination.

Bright white stalactites and stalagmites, impressive curtains and glittering crystals adorn every corner, creating an unparalleled spectacle breathtaking!

It owes its name to the brackish waters of the location in the area called Vlicha = Vlychada.  However many called it by the name of Glyfada from the paraphrase of the word Vlychada

It has characterized as the most beautiful cave in the world

         Ten things you need to know about the cave Vlychada


  1. Since 1900 , the locals knew of its existence but no one could have imagined the miracle was hidden inside. In 1949 it was then that John and Anna Petrocheilou founders of the Greek Speleological Society , began to explore systematically .
  2. The cave started forming before hundreds of thousands of years. The stalactites and stalagmites are under water formed when the sea level was lower than it is now.It must be noted that stalactites have been found at a depth of 71 meters.

  3. The natural entrance of the cave is very close to sea level and its diameter is just half a meter. Previously , the cave had also other entries which gradually closed.

  4. By 1960 they had explored 1600 meters of the cave while today the known length is of more than 14 km ! In 1970 it became the first underwater exploration. Continued to date both above and under water with cave diving.

  5. In 1967 was a landmark date for the first time the doors of the cave opened for visitors when the EOT completed installation work begun six years earlier.

  6. The decoration of the cave formed by water that penetrates into the cracks of limestone rock and causes soil erosion. The precipitate dissolved calcium carbonate forms very slowly stalactites and stalagmites.
  7. The water in the cave is saline and has high hardness. The temperature is about 14 C, while the air ranges from 16 to 19 C.

  8. In the cave of Alepotripa they have discovered many important anthropological finds from the Neolithic era. Many of them are exhibited in the museum, next to the entrance of the cave.

  9. Inside the cave have been found fossilized bones of lion, panther, hyena, marten, deer and the largest deposit of hippopotamus in Europe.
    The human presence is indicated by the pottery found near the natural entrance.

  10. The touristic route extends up to 1500 meters, of which 1200 is the first lake, their tour is done by boat and the duration is about 25 minutes.

A trip to mystery...and to nature wonders

The route to the Cave

The amazing journey made by visitors, takes about three quarters of unique beauty.

You will be impressed from the first room where the stalagmite towers "Cactus", while admiring the "Cloak of Neptune" caught on the roof. In this space is the starting point of the wonderful journey that will follow the boats. You will pass the "Dead State", you will reach the "Crossroads" and you will find the "Pillars of Hercules".

The "Lake Okeanidon" with stalagmite "Little Thimonia" in the center of the "forest of palm trees, the" Corridor of Miracles "and the" Faithful Dog "will enchant you with their beauty. The next room hosts the " Great Thymonia " with a diameter of 3.5 meters , follow the " Stand " , the " Kathedrali " , the " throne " , the " Stone Lily " and " Bed of Neptune ". The fairytale journey continues passing under the " chandelier " ,  followed by the chamber with the " Ancient Greek chlamys " reaching " Pink Apartments " to " Royal Exostis " , the " Beautiful Gate " and " Hanging Fox " with bushy tail .

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The snow-white decoration of the next lake to "Small, White, Hanging, Bridal Sleeps Fairy and decoration of the famous" White Apartments "below will be unforgettable.

Leaving the "Chapel" presents the "White Corridor" that leads to "Sea of ​​wrecking" with "sunken boat" and the masts to raise out of the water. Series is the "Chocolate Sala" with adornment of have been covered by dark mud like the next "Red Room" which itself is covered with red mud though. Then, the "Cave of the Dragon" with huge rock hanging from the ceiling brings to our mind the dragon with open mouth. Here's " Leaning Tower " the column took its name from the slope of the erosion caused .

The " Venice canals " end up in the largest and most imposing part of the cave , the "Great Ocean " length of 160 meters and width 30 meters. The amazing decoration of the walls and ceiling , complete the submerged stalagmites. The next room is the " Crystal Rain " and finally the " Big Drive " that completes and lake route. The onshore section that follows is second in beauty and imagination from the lake with adornment to impress equally with colors and shapes. Distinguish the "Chinese pavilions", the "Anthomorfoi Stalagmites and" Tomb of the Unknown Sailor. " The piece continues uphill from iron staircase while descending from the opposite side ends in "Poseidon Palace" in the "Scene Theatre", the "Diamond Column", the "Stone Forest" and "Harmonium".
Finally the "Waterlilies" completes the exciting tour of the unique Cave certainly will not dislodged from your memory.

Pay attention

During your visit must always have your hands inside the boat and follow the instructions of the Boatmen.
While touring the land department watch your head. The cutting or touching is prohibited and the violators are prosecuted . The caves are an integral and important part of the Greek cultural heritage. Help them protect !

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The access to the area is easy by car via the existing road network.
Regular schedule services are linking the capital of the prefecture to Thessaloniki, Athens, Kalamata, Patras, Tripoli and other major cities of the around prefectures.
The route Athens - Sparta takes about three hours, and Tripoli - Sparta 1 hour.
Kalamata to Sparta in 1.30 hours
Corinth to Sparta in 1.30 hours
For more information contact the KTEL bus of Laconia.

By ferryboat:
Ferry connection from Githeio to Kythira - Antikythira - Crete, from Neapoli to Kythira.

KTEL Bus of Laconia, tel: (+30) 27310.26.441
Port of Gytheio, tel: (+30) 27330.22.262
Port of Kythira, tel: (+30) 27360.34.222

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