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Cave-gulch in Polydrossos

Location - Description

The cave is located south of Polydrossos and in just two kilometers from this, on the hill above the springs of Boeotian Kifissos.

The access to it is either through a path which follows the creek, on the left side of the hill, as seen from the village, which we leave shortly after the sheepfold in order to ascend to the right and reach the place of the cave, or either from the right side of the hill just above the source, following the wide path.

After an about 20 minutes walking, we leave the path and we go left, where there are two sheepfolds, to arrive finally at the mouth of the cave, which is not quite obvious and is located at the base of a cliff.
Although the second access route is quite longer, it is preferable as it is less tedious because of the inclination of the soil and less dangerous.

The mouth of the cave has dimensions 1 x 0,5 m about. From the mouth, a pit of a depth of 55.5 m begins. In a depth of 19.90 m, there is a nail that is positioned over a small loft. From the nail and in a depth of 10.40 m, there is a second loft from which one can come down from the left or the right side. From this point the ground is at a depth of 25.20 m, inclined at 350 and it is covered with stones 10 x 15cm. Going up to about 27m, there is not now the probably from outside material, and the last section, of 17.60 m length, has stalactites on which there is much guano (bat droppings).

By contrast, if we descend after 35m, always on the same material, we enter the last and the best part of the cave, which has a smaller slope with many stalactites and stalagmites. The latter are created on a very large boulders that have been definitely fallen from the roof. The ceiling height ranges from 5-7m and the length of this hall is about 58 meters and the width 42 m.

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Geology - Hydrogeology

The whole cave has been opened along to the layers of limestone in Cretaceous age. Its creation is probably connected to the sources of the Boeotian Kifissos, which is located just down the hill of the cave. Today, of course, there is no connection between the cave and the surface water, apparently from landslides of earlier years, which have tilted every fairway.


Despite the archaeological remains of classical and Byzantine era in the area, the cave shows no archaeological interest.

Source: Municipality of Parnassus


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