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Areopolis in Mani.. imposing and imperious

An imposing and imperious area that dominates at the west side of Mani in Laconia.
This is the traditional settlement of Areopolis, wherein the stone plays a leading role. Stone large towers and smaller, adorn this historic site and give to it an air of pride and uniqueness.

Areopolis named so from Ares, the god of war, and its involvement in the years of the Greek-Turkish revolution was crucial, as here it was declared, on 17 March 1821, the beginning of the Greek Liberation Struggle. Thus, it is a place with its own "heavy" history and cultural heritage.

In Areopolis, you will find many attractions that will lure you into an enchanting historic journey, making an interesting flashback. The paved square of March 17th, the Church of the Archangels, of St. John the Baptist, All Saints, the monastery of Panagia Tsipiotissa and the preserved Towers, are some places that are worth visiting.

Specifically, in the church of the Archangels, Mani's people blessed their weapons led by Petrobeys Mavromichalis and began the struggle releasing Kalamata on March 23.

The Towers of Mavromichalis, Kapetanakos and Pikoulakis are the most famous towers that adorn this beautiful village.

Areopolis is located 26 km from the cosmopolitan Githeio, and 4 km from Limeni.

For accommodation, the visitor has plethora of options. Idyllic chateaus and plain hotel rooms are waiting for you to spend an unforgettable holiday in one of the most picturesque and authentic landscapes of Mani... Aeropolis.


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For your stay in Laconia, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns.
In Areopolis, as well as in many other areas of Mani, there are hotels and accommodations of various categories and types (rooms to let, residences, Bed & Breakfast inns, studios, hostels, guesthouses and furnished apartments) that can satisfy every visitor's demands and needs for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
You will find wonderful hotels, rooms and apartments to let of all categories and price ranges.

The access to the area is easy by car via the existing road network.
Regular schedule services are linking the capital of the prefecture to Thessaloniki, Athens, Kalamata, Patras, Tripoli and other major cities of the around prefectures.
The route Athens - Sparta takes about three hours, and Tripoli - Sparta 1 hour.
Kalamata to Sparta in 1.30 hours
Corinth to Sparta in 1.30 hours
For more information contact the KTEL bus of Laconia.

By ferryboat:
Ferry connection from Githeio to Kythira - Antikythira - Crete, from Neapoli to Kythira.

KTEL Bus of Laconia, tel: (+30) 27310.26.441
Port of Gytheio, tel: (+30) 27330.22.262
Port of Kythira, tel: (+30) 27360.34.222

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Accommodation in Mani

For your stay in Mani, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Mani, there are hotels and...

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