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Arachova. Traditional local products

Tsipouro Vasilia
You must try tsipouro Vasilia. It is simply amazing.

Local cheese formaela with an origin starting from Omiros. Before leaving Arachova you will not regret buying the cheese Formaela.

Korkoyto of Parnassus
A pie from Arachova took her name from koyrkoyti that is made by flour and water. The thinnest the koyrkoyti is the greatest taste has.

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Opsimotyri is made by yogurt that is boiled with salt and it is a best and tasty appetizer that is combinated perfectly with tsipouro and onion.

Do not miss to take the local, traditional noodles and pastas that are the products of "Gennima Ghs". The secret of the success is the fact that use the most pure products of the area.

Sausages and meat
Before returning back home take with you delicious village sausages and local meat from the butchery shop "Kommata" that is at the beginning of the central road (tel. 22670.31.194)


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