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Arachova. Foods that stands out and gives appetite

Arachova is a place of a great diversity of food choices with traditional plates made by great passion. Creative plates that are beyond fantasy.
During your stay there we make proposals and the only thing you need to do is to give a taste...

Steak Panayiota
The famous tavern "Panayiota" that is located behind the church of Agios Georgios (tel. 22670.32.735) you will try the steak Panayiota that is very well known. Baked in a perfect way as client wishes with baked potatoes or greens.

Pork with celery
Near bridge the restaurant "Archontiko" stands out (tel. 22670.31.631 that is famous for its plates and amazing view.

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Soup with leek
Great variety of soups you can taste at 1st at Arachova bridge (tel. 22670.32.193). The soup with leek, potato and zucchini.

Deer Stew
You should not miss to try the deer stew with onions at the traditional tavern "Kalyva" that is located on Livadi the road towards the ski center of Parnassus in a warm atmosphere (tel. 22670.31.222).

One of the old taverns in Arachova is "Dasargyris" (tel. 22670.31.291) over 100 years in the central road before the square with the traditional cafeterias. Kontosouvli is the specialty that really worth of tasting it.

Rooster cooked with wine with noodles
On the road to Parnassus just outside Arachova you will meet the tavern "Fasouli" (tel. 22670.29.227). You will be impressed by the environment that combinates wood and stone and creates a homie atmosphere and mostly you will taste the rooster with wine, white sause and noodles.

Steak Agnantio
The lovers of traditional cuisine will enjoy steak Agnantio with mushrooms, plums, onions and peppers at the tavern " Agnantio"  (tel. 22670.32.114 that is at the beginning of the central road in Arachova.

Steak Moschos
Before square Lakka you will meet tavern «Ε» (tel. 22670.31.158). Worth trying the perfectly baked steak that is delicious and come with mashed potatoes, roasted mushrooms, red peppers and sause of red wine.

Soups with carrots
Next to the steps of Agios Georgios is "Oistros"  (tel. 22670.32.886) with the delightful carrot soup.

Arachova Lambkin
At the tavern of "Karathanasis" you will taste the tasteful Arachova lampkin that bakes it from 1930.

Pork tenderloin with beet red
At the restaurant of Aigli Resort & Spa just outside Arachova at the road towards Livadi you will enjoy pork tenderloin with beet red and small boiled potatoes (tel. 22670.31.767)

Kid on the oven
At Tropeon square you will meet "Kaplani" tavern  (tel. 22670.31.891). There you will try and taste besides others the kid on the oven with local wine that produce themselves.


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