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Arachova. Day and night full of entertainment

In cosmopolitan Arachova at cold nights of the winter, cafeterias, clubs and restaurants are full with people. With loud music, amazing cocktails and lots of fun until the first hours of the morning.
Best places to visit are: Akoyarela, Arion, E, Kalinorisa, Satirikon, Iambela, Bonjour, Cine Celena, Gospel, Kastel, Macaron, Sehre, 1st, Istros by Aktida  wait for you pass nice time with coffee, hot beverages, breakfasts...

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Δύο τριώροφοι ανεξάρτητοι μεταξύ τους ατμοσφαιρικοί ξενώνες – αρχοντικά, στον παραδοσιακό πέτρινο οι...


At the entrance of Arachova from Athens is the traditional stone houses Ontas , where owners with ca...


Dio Studios complex is located in the centre of Arachova, in a quiet spot with view to Arachova and ...

  • We choose "Satirikon" that is located on Lakka square for a wonderful atmosphere and friendly environment listening to foreign and greek music, drinking your cocktail. (tel. 22670.31.896)

  • At "E" bar just before Lakka square you start from the morning with a coffee, afterwards lunch and at the night a lot of entertainment with foreign and greek hits. (tel. 22670.31.158)

  • At night Bar Gospel has its own fanatics that entertain themselves with great music. It is located on Lakka square. (tel. 22670.31.686)
  •  Café-bar-restaurant "Iambela" is a place with great atmoshere in the central square of Arachova (tel. 22670.32.730). Relax with hot rakomelo after skiing at the ski center.

  • The music choices and the amazing cocktail of «CINE CELENA» makes you do not ever wanna leave from there (tel. 22670.31.401) at Lakka square.

  • For rembetika and folklore songs every Friday and Saturday we suggest the restaurant "Archontiko" at the bridge with company the endless wine.  (tel. 22670.31.631)

  • At the famous tavern of "Panayiota" every Saturday and Sunday is full of songs and karaoke. It is located on the opposite of the church of Agios Georgios  (tel. 22670.32.735)

  • Noone leaves before dawn from "Akouarela"  (tel. 22670.32.660).
    Celebrations with celebrities drinking cocktails and lots of dancing.


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