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Ano Doliana in Arcadia

After the village Rizes Tegea and in the distance of 26km southeast of Tripoli, always asceding, we reach the traditional village of Ano Doliana, in altitude of 920 m.
Ano Doliana are famous from the ancient times, and also later on, because they produced marble of excellent quality from which the temples of Alea Athina, Artemida Knakeatidas but also the metropolitan temple of Tripoli, Agios Vasileios were built(1855).
After Valtetsi is the village that in 18/5/1821 beat the Turks. The people of Doliana were hide in towers, like the one of Christofili.

Route: Athens - Ano Doliana ArcadiaRoute Map. The road route from Athens to Ano Doliana . The kilometrical distance and time needed.
Route: Tripoli - Ano Doliana ArcadiaRoute Map. The road route from Tripoli to Ano Doliana . The kilometrical distance and time needed.
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After the last interventions, Ano Doliana is a touristic village with one of the fewest forest guesthouses in Greece.
On the same time, there are also other guesthouses, restaurants, cafeterias... The mountainous climate of Ano Doliana forced the residents, before many years, to double-live (the winter used to go to Kato Doliana with their sheepherds- just before Astros).
A little bit further from the village is the chestnut with the church of Agios Giannis.

Before you ascend Ano Doliana, at Kouvli, there is an Ottoman fountain with name of Rematia, Sopotos· another faucet is Papadia and another one is Dragounio fountain· the newest ones are Loutsitsa and Kokkinos.

The Folklore museum is an exhibition place that promotes Ano Doliana of the past years...

Source: Perfecture of Arcadia

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