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Almyropotamos- Almyropotamos or Panagia beach

Almyropotamos is a traditional village, built on a rocky slope, with its seaport the settlement of Panagia, in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Evian Gulf, the Almyropotamos Beach at the far side of the bay, which attracts many visitors and presents a constant growth and significant development in its tourism infrastructure.

From here there is a connection to Agia Marina of Attica via ferry, which offers to the visitor of the large urban center the option of an easy access.
Nearby, next to the settlement, there is a saltwater river from which Almyropotamos took its name.

The beach along the village, organized with umbrellas, cabins and showers, is sandy with calm shallow waters on the north side, while it is deep on its south part. The tamarisk and eucalyptus trees along the beach provide their rich shade generously to the swimmers. There are several restaurants and entertainment businesses next to the sea which take care of the nutritional and recreational needs of the tourists.

The fans of fishing either by boat, or from the shore with a fishing rod and line will be satisfied with their results after they catch a significant number of fish and shellfish, due to the area’s clear waters.
Almyropotamos’ patron Saint is Saint John the Theologian and the beach has as its patron the Assumption and the Holy Apostles.

How to get to Almyropotamos
By car from Halkida approximately 80 km, from Nea Styra 15 km.
By boat from Agia Marina of Attica.
By private boat. There is a marina for yachts and boats.

Where to swim
Apart from the beach in the village of Panagia, there are some other beautiful beaches with clear water suitable for swimming and water sports such as:

  • Chrysi Ammos
    A very beautiful beach with white sand, clear and shallow waters. A significant number of tamarisk, eucalyptus and pine trees extend parallel to the beach and many choose it for camping. There is a cafe-bar.
    The distance from the beach of Almyropotamos is approximately 2 km of paved road.
  • Almyrichi or Almyriki
    A small and quiet beach on the shores of the Aegean Sea with sand and deep waters. The beach is primarily visited by young people for camping and swimming. On the beach there are a restaurant and a canteen.
    The distance from Almyropotamos is 11 km of paved road.
  • Limnionas
    An excellent beach, on the side of the Aegean Sea, with pebbles and sand, deep and clear waters.
    On the north side of the beach there are caves and steep cliffs, from where the more adventurous dive from above. There are taverns on the beach.
    The beach of Limnionas is located 10 km of paved road from the beach of Almyropotamos.
  • Pisina
    A small beach with clear turquoise waters and a sandy bottom. On the beach there is a cafe-restaurant. The distance from Almyropotamos is 3.5 km of paved road.
  • Tsakei
    An idyllic and quiet beach, ideal for those that consider quietness their immediate priority.
    It is located 11 km of paved road from Almyropotamos.
  • Friniako Zarakes
    The beach, washed by the Aegean Sea, has sand and deep waters. The breakwater that is situated there protects the beach when the weather is poor. The beach has two restaurants. The distance from the beach of Almyropotamos is 11 km of paved road.

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