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Alekos Damtsas Museum in Volos

It is part of the personal collection of the tobacco merchant Alekos Damtsas, from Volos.
It includes 365 projects that are engravings, maps and documents for the region, in the works of Greek engravers and of artists from Volos, Magnesia, and Thessaly.
It also includes serigraphs by Greek painters, posters from exhibitions, art books and exhibition catalogs. The bulk of the donation is covered by works of Greek painters of the 19th and early 20th century.
The collection is complemented by works of artists from Egypt, from documents about Volos and the surrounding area, as well as prints, maps and books.

Metamorfoseos, 3
Tel: (+030) 24210.31.701, 56446
Visits are made daily, except Saturday and Sunday

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