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Agios Ilias walk

A 1,970m walk, taking 52 minutes and graded 1 for difficulty. The walk begins in the centre of Agios Athanasios and takes us through Agios Ilias to end at the Chapel of Agia Paraskevi.

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00:00 Our walk begins in the main square of Agios Athanasios, home to thechurch of the same name (GPS: N38 41 404, E20 38 734, H=610m). 20 metres  from the square we come to an intersection and turn right towards Agia Paraskevi, as the signpost indicates. After another 30 metres we come to another intersection where we turn left, once again following the sign.  Access Map. Agios Ilias walk (Start)
00:02 We ignore two turnings to the left, continuing up the cement road as we
gradually leave the village and come to the cemetery of Agios Ilias. We next
00:05 come out onto the main asphalt road and from here the campanile of Agia Paraskevi is visible. We soon come to a well in the middle of the road and make our way uphill through vineyards. We carry on, crossing a ditch, while to our right we can see the bed of a torrent. The climb becomes steep, the ground around us sandy with sparse, low vegetation. For a good stretch now we have a view of the islands of Kefalonia and Arkoudi. Our walk is now at its
00:07 end, we have arrived at the Chapel of Agia Paraskevi (GPS: N38 41 584, E20 38 091, H=770m)  Access Map. Agios Ilias walk (End). The feast day of Agia Paraskevi is celebrated on 26th July, with traditional music and dancing.

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