Afytos – Athytos, Halkidiki

Afytos - Athytos is located on Cassandra peninsula and is a benchmark for any visitor in this beautiful area of Halkidiki, not only for its rich history but also for its important features of the current settlement.
Old stone houses, fine examples of local architecture and narrow streets, give a special color and a special character to the village of Afytos.

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Its position, almost in the center of Cassandra, makes it an excellent base for excursions throughout peninsula with its stunning beaches and the natural beauty.

Athytos of painters, Athytos of its people, who love and dream of it. Its distinctive position with the endless views to Toroneo, the architecture of its houses, the benevolent and sometimes "archaic" inhabitants.
Athytos, the third largest village after the isthmus of Potidea, lies on the same site from 3000 BC at least.

The ancient Afytis was an important city of Pallini and is mentioned by the ancient authors (Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, Aristotle, Pausanias, Strabo, etc.). The temple of Dionysus (8th century BC) and the Temple of Ammon Zeus (4th century BC) contributed essentially to its reputation in antiquity. It was a prosperous city during the archaic and classical times. It had its own currency, which bore the head of its protector, Ammon Zeus.

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