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A walk towards the beauty of Lake Euboea

Walking through the traditional streets of Lake Euboea, you feel her beautiful feeling.
Thinking that time has stopped at yesterday, without stop breathing today. Life strikes here from the ancient years (from the 2nd BC. century).
At the area of the Lake, based on the researchers, is located on the ancient city of Elimnion.
Many residents were leaving the place to go to Skiathos, at 1790, funding " Limnia".

The houses are building amphitheatrically, close bounded the one to the other.  The island feauture is intense everywhere. The municipality of Elimnies was founded at 1836 and the first name was municipality Aigeon.

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Adressed to the opposite direction, towards Katounia, we will pass by the port of the Lake and the impressive building of Navy association. Next to the waves there is the church of Agios Ioannis (Building of 1876) that is 2,5 km away from the Lake. At Katounia area we find the company of Agglogreek.

The best view of the Lake we will see from the church of Agios Nicolas.

A great view we will enjoy from the church of Agios Athanasios of tinian art.  The origin of a hero of 1821 Aggelis Govios was from the lake, also Lela Karagianni (that was killed by the Germans at 8-9-1944), A. Govginas, K. Gamvetas, K. Gyftodimos, N. Tsiforos and many more.

Another one stop is at the Local- Historical Museum of the Lake with many evidents- documents.

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