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3 days in Athens: Discover her unique charmness!



Sunny and vivid, Athens, the beautiful capital of Greece gifted with a heritage full of civilization for centuries, charms visitors from every part of the earth with her unique beauty. Parthenon stands over Acropolis and looks like chating with the blue sky, Athens knows how to steal our hearts....

The weather is great, sunny most days of the year so that you can comfortely make your strolls in the traditional streets of Plaka, Monastiraki, Roman Market, Ifestos temple in Thisseio, Fillopapou hill, Ancient Theatre of Dionysos ( the most ancient of the world's well-know theatres) and Odeon of Herodes Atticus, where in summertime hosts many theatrical plays, concerts of famous Greek and foreign singers, ballet performances etc.

Besides her distinguished monuments, Athens is a contemporary capital with nice shops, to go for shopping. You will gaze at numerous shops in Ermous street  from Monastiraki to Syntagma or walk to Kolonaki, to do your shopping...
If you feel tired, you will relax with a cup of coffee or a refreshment  at outdoor cafeterias and try tasty delicacies at numerous taverns.

Tour at historical monuments in Athens

A good suggestion for a walk is a visit at Keramikos and later on at Ancient Market and Hifestus temple. Later on, you will walk through ancient market and stop at the Aerides bath. To avoid the heat you can visit Acropolis in morning hours or in the evening to discover this unique area and its monuments .
Make a tour at Propulaia, Parthenon, Erexthion, Temple of Apterou Niki and feel the grace all around. Undoubtely, from up here you will enjoy the most magnifent view of Athens!

A nice idea is to make a stroll at the pedestrial street above the Acropolis walls. Whichever route you decide to take, you will end at Dionysiou Aeropagitou street.
This cultural walk continues with the best way, with a visit at the amazing Acropolis museum. Ask for a tour guide, in order to gain all the rich information for everything you see.
(Adress: 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou, Athens. Information: Tel: 210-9000900, ).

Romantic walks at Philopapou...

Follow Dionysiou Aeropagitou street and you will arrive at Philopapou hill . A breath of green in the cityi is always a good suggestion for a romantic walk in its path full of trees.
The view towards Acropolis, Herodeon and Lykavitos is amazing! Near Pnyka and Philopapou monument, you will visit the church of Agios Dimitrios.

Moments of joy in the city center...

One of the favourite parts in Athens is Monastiraki and Plaka atmosperic streets to Anafiotika, you can visit the ancient, byzantine, ottoman monuments that you will find near them. Walk at the narrow streets that are around Monastiraki square in order to gaze at the small shops with all kind of stuff and touristic pieces.
If you get tired, you can relax a little bit, in a cafeteria or tavern to enjoy greek traditional plates or a souvlaki for which Monatiraki is famous for. Meanwhile Avisinias square is worthvisiting as it is full with antique shops. You can continue until Syntagma square to admire the impressive Parliament building, watch the changing of the presidential guard and the Evzones, take a relaxing stroll through the verdant trails of the National Garden and continue to Zappeion and the temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympeion - Gate of Hadrian). In order to discover many historical sites of Athens, you will walk along its main streets , near Syntagma Square ( Metro station University Street Eleftherios Venizelos or University ) to admire the impressive neoclassical buildings of the Library , the University and the Academy.

Then the "Eye', the Catholic church and the Numismatic Museum with its wonderful garden where it operates café, ideal to relax. Very close are the Old House and the Museum of the City of Athens ( Vouros - Eutaxias Foundation ) in Klafthmonos Square.

Discover the sightseeing in Athens

Undoubtely, you will dedicate some time to visit archaeological and contemporary museums of Athens :


  • New Acropolis museum ( Dionysiou Aeropagitou 15) Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Νέο Μουσείο της Ακρόπολης
  • Archaeological museum ( Patission 44) Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Εθνικό Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο
  • Cycladic Art Museum ( Neofytou Douka 4, Kolonaki) Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Μουσείο Κυκλαδικής Τέχνης
  • Benaki Museum ( Koumpari and Vasilisis Sofias 1) Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Μουσείο Μπενάκη
  • Benaki Museum of Islamic art ( Agion Asomaton 22 &  Dipilou 12) Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Μουσείο Ισλαμικής Τέχνης
  • National Museum of Contemporary Art (Peireos 138 & Andronikou) Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Μουσείο Μπενάκη Μοντέρνας Τέχνης
  • Archaeological museum in ancient market of Athens - Attallou lodge Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Μουσείο Αρχαίας Αγοράς Αθηνών
  • Museum of Greek Folk Art (Kidathineon 17, Plaka) Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Μουσείο Ελληνικής Λαϊκής Τέχνης
  • National History Museum (Stadiou 13, Kolokotroni Square ) Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Εθνικό Ιστορικό Μουσείο
  • Numismatic Museum (Panepistimiou 12) Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Νομισματικό Μουσείο
  • Goulandris Natural History Museum  (Levidou 13, Kifissia) Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Μουσείο Φυσικής Ιστορίας Γουλανδρή

The city from above...

In order to enjoy the panoramic view, a good suggestion is to ascent Lycabettus with the aerial tramway. Alternatively you can go with your car. At Lycabettus top you will find Agios Georgios church.
Athens from above looks magical ! Enjoy your coffee or drink at the café - restaurant there and relax....

Art and ... entertainment

In Athens you will have the opportunity to visit trustworthy visual exhibitions that take place in Art grounds or in Technopolis of municipality of Athens in Gazi (Peireos 100 & Persefonis 1, tel.: 210-3475518, 210-3461589, ).
It is also a great experience to watch an interesting concert at Megaron music hall with classic music or quality greek music from Greek music composers who their reputation has travelled in all over the world such as Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Xatzidakis, Stavros Xarhakos and many more...

Get informations for the program from Megaron Music hall (Vas.Sofias & Kokkali, tel.: 210-7282333, ).
You can also get informations for performances and reserve seats in Badminton in order to enjoy a high level musical, theatrical or dancing performance that will be aan unforgetable experience . (Olympiaka Akinita Goudi, tel.: 13855 και 210-8840600, ).
Surely, in Athens you will hear contemporary greek music  at bouzoukia, rempetadika, music halls or at traditional taverns in Plaka, Gazi, Keramikos, Petralona, Chalandri and in many other cities in Athens and Pireus.

A taste of greek cuisine...

Whichever season you decide to visit Athens, you will taste greek traditional flavours, that are based in Mediterrean nutrition , and also souvlaki at the taverns around Monastiraki square. In Plaka and Psiri are many taverns with flowery gardens with bougainvilleas and vines or tables on the cobbled streets and steps, with traditional appetizers ( fried cheese, meatballs , stuffed vine leaves, Greek salad , octopus , etc.) , ouzo , raki and good wine. Of course, in Athens you will find many good restaurants with advanced tastes based on the Greek products. Luxury restaurants with views of the Acropolis and gourmet tastes will find in branded hotels in Athens .


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