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The top 10 most beautiful Mediterranean islands

The top ten most beautiful islands in Mediterranean

Architecture, people, culture, beaches, scenery, nightlife ... so we can continue indefinitely, but to convince you we offer you a tour of the Mediterranean most beautiful islands.

Heading to Santorini

The jewel of the Cyclades. Capital Fira or Thira is one of the most beautiful locations throughout the Aegean peninsula. Hundreds of white houses are perched on the ridge of Caldera / ancient volcano captured by the sea. The beaches of Santorini are covered with dark sand due to its volcanic origin. Try to visit "the red beach" in Greek called: "Kokini Paralia", spectacular beach. Go to Pyrgos village where you will meet real local people: short, dark and wrinkled but very nice in nature. This island is popular with many churches from XV-XVII c. Climb to the Prophet Elijah monastery (XVIII century) on top of the eponymous mountain, which offers wonderful views over the island. If you stand on Perissa Beach and look at thee mountain you will be able to recognize a shape of an Indian warrior.

Come to Capri.
The next destination is Mallorca.

Next stop is the island of Corfu

Two days will be sufficient to explore the island and enjoy its beauty. This is a piece of paradise immersed in greenery, with pretty white houses and incredible calm beaches. We encourage you to walk to the palace Ahileon, one of the summer residences of "Sissi", the beautiful wife of Austrian Emperor Franz Josef, and also Old Fortress, arcades Liston, the Church of St Spyridon, dedicated to the patron saint of the city. The church keeps the relics of St. Spyridon.

Our journey continues to Ibiza.
The next island of Malta.

Here comes Mykonos

The most cosmopolitan island. Trademark is its whitewashed houses, windmills, Petros the pelican, and the fact that the island never sleeps. Desired meeting place for the DJ's from around the world. Clubs are always full. We encourage you to walk down the city and get lost in the narrow winding streets, to admire their picturesque houses whose balconies are overwhelmed with flowers. Beaches are favorite place for all visitors to Mykonos - crystal clear waters and white sand make you relax and enjoy the whisper of the Mediterranean.

Next stop is Cyprus.
Island of Sicily.

Visit island of Crete
In Greek mythology, Crete is the subject of many legends, such as the labyrinth of the Minotaur and the flight of Icarus and Daedalus. Aside from legends, Crete has a great heritage. Visit the Palace of Knossos - the biggest and most impressive monument of the Minoan civilization, its alleged political and ceremonial center, mandatory for any self-respecting traveler.

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