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Sporades .. a paradise island complex!

Explore the Sporades islands, in the northwest Aegean! Dense vegetation; rocky landscapes, and pure blue seas: a uniquely alternative destination. Go island-hopping in a paradise island complex!

Trace Skiathos walking routes, and discover its hidden beauties. With your mind’s eye follow the footsteps of great writers, such as Alexander Papadiamantis, as they walked through dense forests and olive groves! The nature enthusiasts should follow a lovely route through the famous Koukounariés forest and around Lake Strofilia. (Length 4.2 km). Alternatively, take a leisurely, easy walk round Kanapitsa Peninsula (4,9km)!

Seeking to experience some religious awe? Take a rather long-distance walk (7km) to Skiathos historical churches (Evagelistrias Monastery & the Churches of St. Harálambos, St. Apóstolos and St. Dimitrios).

Do you know that the island of Alonissos is home to the Mediterranean Monk Seal (: monachus monachus), one of the biggest seal species? Go to the National Marine Park of Alonissos and support the rescue of newborn pups!

Looking for a peaceful island to enjoy your family holidays? Skopelos is your destination! Find yourself in a green surrounding with rich pine forests, crystal blue seas and sandy beaches! Taste the famous cheese-pie of Skópelos, and have a shot of oúzo in tavérnas by the sea!

Are you a movie fan? Trace the paths of the exciting film “Mamma Mia”! Yes, the amazing chapel on the rocks (where the wedding ceremony took place) really exists! It’s “Saint Ioannis Chapel” in Skópelos!

In the island of Skyros ride a cute pony in the heart of a dense pine-tree forest, or participate in the famous carnival celebrations. The island is also home to the “Skyros Institute of Holistic Studies”, which offers alternative therapy programmes (yoga or even windsurfing)!

The picturesque Alonissos
Blessed with rugged natural landscapes, and surrounded by small islands scattered around the archipelagos, Alónissos is an island ideal for those you want to unwind and enjoy leisure walks surrounded by pine forests, olive groves and orchards. The island is the most remote of the Northern Sporades island group, and plays host to the National Marine Park of Northern Sporades, a refuge for rare seabirds, dolphins and the Mediterranean monk seal, monachus monachus...
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Skiathos island
Unique beaches, surrounded by pines, with crystal waters and golden sand. Skiathos is famous for its beautiful and clear beaches all around the world. Each and every one has its own beaty and this results in all visitors being satisfied.
In the center of the island there are the organised beaches Bourtzi, Megali Ammos, Achladies, Vasilias, Sklithri, Tzaneria and Kalamaki in which many tourists go there because of the small distance by the center and the easy access. These beaches have umbrellas and sunbeds while you can find at them many taverns, restaurants and cafeterias... read more

Skopelos. turquoise waters
The variety of the landscape characterizes the island of Skopelos. Magical beaches on one hand and imposing, rugged coastline on the other. Beautiful beaches and turquoise waters make up the natural terrain.
The capital and the port of the island is the beautiful town of Skopelos with steep cobbled streets, houses and mansions with traditional style, old churches and the Castle with the panoramic more

Skyros. The largest of the Sporades islands
Only three and a half hours away from Athens lies the southernmost island of Sporades. Several myths of Greek Mythology referring to legendary heroes such as Lykomedes, Theseus, Achilles and Neoptolemus, are connected with the island of Skyros.
A plethora of conquerors left behind their traces over the centuries, which is perfectly illustrated on the island’s traditions, customs and architecture!... read more

Source: GNTO

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