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Elatohori Ski Center in Pieria

The Ski Center Elatohori is found in the northeastern part of Pieria Mountains, to "Papa Land", at an altitude of 1450m. Situated in a prime location with stunning views of Mount Olympus and Aliakmona. It is only 8 km far from Elatohori picturesque village, 36 km from Katerini, 474 km from Athens, 105 from Thessaloniki and 120km from Larisa.

Although it is a relatively new ski resort, it has become popular with winter sports enthusiasts, who flock to the ski due both to the robust infrastructure of the center and the beautiful nature that surrounds it.

Its facilities include a ski resort with 10 slopes of varying height difference and with different levels of difficulty to meet both the experienced and demanding skiers and beginners who try their potential in the most popular winter sports. It also operates a racetrack for a snowboard and toboggan. The total length of the runs and the network of snow corridors linking them together, exceed 12,000 m.

At the base of the ski center there is a new two-storey chalet, which stands out for its modern design and blends with the environment. There are also shops selling and renting equipment and clothing for skiing and ski school.
It is worth mentioning that the ski center has a fully equipped hospital for medical treatment with a permanent doctor on a daily basis.

Source: Elatohori Ski Resort

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Access to different areas of Pieria, Mountainous Pieria, Olympus is quick and easy.
Pieria offers complete transportation infrastructure, a national highway, provincial and inter-provincial roads, buses and trains.
Katerini is 80 km far from Macedonia Airport and 70 km from Thessaloniki, with which is linked through E75 highway. E75 highway crosses from north to south Pieria, making in this way the access to every seaside area easy and quick as well as the rest of the journey to Larisa and Athens.
For your convenience, you can use the route map on the field “Διαδρομές” with information about the mileage, the time you need and the route you will follow, selecting the points of interest.

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