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Arta .. its villages and sights

Touring - By car & motorbike:

At Gramenitsa, 4 km N, amidst the olive groves and citrus trees, with a wonderful view of Arta. A the village of Vlaherna you can visit the church of Panagia tis Vlahernas from the 12th century B.C., containing two graves which are believed to hold the remains of Epirus Despots. The picturesque artificial lake of Pournariou was created near the area’s hydro-electric plant.

At Peta, 8 km E, a village with traditional houses, built amphitheatrically on a hill with a view of Arta. Don’t forget to visit the triple-naved basilica of Aghios Georgios (18th century), at the beautiful square with sycamore trees and traditional coffee shops where you can sample the local tsipouro and liqueurs. The Monastery of Panagia (18th century) contains a small epitaph from 1643 which is embroidered with gold, two gold-plated shrines and a gospel from 1833.

At Aneza, 12 km SW, a town built in a valley containing many aquatic bird species. You can visit the ruins of ancient Amvrakia’s fortifications in the bay of Fidokastro.

At Koboti, 14km SE, a town built in an area full of olive trees containing many traditional stone houses and public buildings. This is the homeland of Nikolaos Skoufas, one of Filiki Eteria’s founders. The church of Ag. Georgios built in 1741 is wonderful.

At Kommeno, 16 km SE. A lowland agricultural village near a small river which flows into the Amvrakikos Gulf.

At Ammotopos, 17.5 km NW, where you can visit the ruins of the ancient settlement of Orraon. The famous Arta stone slabs are excavated from the wider region.

Activities in the city of Arta

  • Hot spring baths at the organized Hanopoulou baths, suitable for skin, gynecological and arthritic illnesses.
  • Hiking
  • Cycling

Source: GNTO

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